Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week reflections

PRAY that our leaders will find it in their hearts to put first the welfare of the people over and above personal gains. They were elected from among the people, by the people and for the people. They cannot serve and protect the interest of the few only, but rather should ensure that government services are provided to all, and law and justice applied equally and equitably.

REPENT for the things we have done to foster the dark culture of shameless corruption and corrosive apathy towards the problems besetting our town and our nation. Repent for the things we have failed to do to protect and promote honesty, transparency and accountability in our government. Repent for allowing rogue law enforcers and barangay officials who rob us of our rights to unhampered use of public infrastructure for the common good.

BELIEVE that every little step we make, every little voice raised in protest and every little hope shared will make significant impact towards meaningful reforms in our society. Believe that any positive action today is an investment towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

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