Sunday, September 27, 2009


The rain just kept pouring, without letup, without mercy. It rained like it never did before. My Tatay, who is all of 84 years old, could not remember any other time in his life when it rained like this before. It simply was unprecedented.

Thus, when we woke up Saturday morning, the flood water was already creeping up the ground floor of our house. When this house was built in 1976 to replace the old one, my parents made sure that the ground would be higher than road-level. When they raised the road some years back, it was still fairly within the same level. However, when the non-stop rain came, both the road and our house were not ready for the amount of rainfall that came.

In a way, we were still lucky. The water subsided after a few hours. In other areas, waters were as high as 10 feet. People were trapped on attics and rooftops. Yes, we were, and still are, inconvenienced with the power outage. But who are we to complain? We are dry and well in our own homes. Others are not so lucky, still waiting to be rescued from rooftops amidst what had become a waterworld.

We can only thank God for sparing our homes from further damage, and for making sure that all family members are safe and sound. We continue to pray for those who were not as fortunate.

7 Reasons to vote for Noynoy

From: A Family from Baguio City, Philippines
(courtesy of Nato Villanueva, NoyPI member)

1. We see the handiwork of God in his candidacy –Ninoy died for the country and his widow became president after people power. After battling cancer, Cory went home to the Lord which ushered in an unprecedented showing of support and love for a former president. This showing of support miraculously bankrolled into a people’s call for Noynoy to run for president even if he had no plans of doing so. These events could only be orchestrated by a sovereign God who has compassion over nations shackled by the blight and darkness of arrogant and shameless corruption.

2. He inspires hope — Prior to Noynoy’s candidacy, we were resigned to our fate of just choosing the utopian lesser evil among traditional, same old, eager beaver presidentiables. None of them inspires hope. But all that changed when Noynoy responded to that God-given calling in his life to serve the Filipino people whom his father died for. Tears of hope from the hearts and eyes of ordinary Filipinos flowed when he declared his candidacy. Upon learning of Noynoy’s candidacy, a Bureau of Customs employee said, “Salamat. Pwede na ulit mangarap.”

3. He is honest — Ballsy Aquino Cruz, Noynoy’s sister declared on national media that she is willing to be shot if anybody could present evidence that her brother is a thief. This sincerity is unparalleled even among the closest family and relatives of the other presidentiables.. None of the other presidentiables’ sisters or brothers would like to end up dead. Noynoy was reared in an environment of honesty as exemplified by the lives of his parents. Indeed, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

4. He has strength of character — We don’t need a president who will hang a shingle in Malacanang that reads, ” Business as Usual”. He is the only candidate that we believe when he says he will clean house because he is clean.

5. He is humble and not in love with power — Everything about him is not contrived. Ordinary people like us could see through spin doctor- managed acting among public officials and candidates. But we see in Noynoy the sincere simplicity of a simple man, who although pedigreed, is not self-centered, power and recognition hungry. He doesn’t mind having thinning hair, simple clothes and a down-to-earth manner of speaking. More so, his humble spirit was manifested when he sought God’s direction first before plunging in the presidential race.

We could see that his reluctance to seek the presidency is genuine. We believe that power should be given to those who have strength of character because they are not obsessed nor in love with it. And yes, Mr. Gary Olivar, Malacanang spokesman, Noynoy is his own man because true manhood could only come from a humble spirit.

6. He alone could mobilize people power — No other presidentiable could ask the Filipino people to bankroll his campaign and credibly call for volunteers. In this country where the norm is patronage politics and presidentiables spend billions just to win an election, Noynoy is the only presidential candidate as of press time who is being swamped by a snowballing groundswell volunteer support from unknown, ordinary Filipinos from Luzon to Visayas without any budget. Noynoy is the anti-thesis of patronage politics because he could ask for volunteers to spend time and resources to campaign for him.

7. He is the good in this fight between good and evil — No other opposition candidate had earned the most vicious attacks from Malacanang and the other political parties who are fielding candidates in the presidential race than Noynoy.

In fact, some parties are already demolishing the people’s perception and argument that the 2010 presidential race is a fight against good and evil. Noynoy’s detractors would like to brush aside the morality of the elections because morality in government leadership is not a campaign strategy that could propel their traditional, same old, eager beaver presidential candidates.

It is true what Earl Spencer said ,that true goodness is threatening to those who are on the other side of the moral spectrum. In this fight versus good and evil, Noynoy credibly represents the good.

In his declaration speech, he was unmindful of politics or a possible loss of votes when he said he desires justice over the unresolved issues and cases the Marcoses committed against Filipinos. That to us, is true goodness, because it is a conviction that stands up for what is right no matter what the consequences are.

Mabuhay ka Noynoy!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Sa wikang Pilipino (isinalin ni Angelo Guison):

7 Dahilan Kung Bakit Dapat Suportahan si Noynoy

1. Kamay ng Diyos ang kumikilos sa laban ni Noy- Namatay si Ninoy para sa bayan at naging pangulo ang kanyang biyuda matapos ang People Power. Nang ginupo si Cory ng kanser at bumalik sa piling ng Panginoon, nag-umapaw ang pakikiramay at pagmamahal. Ang suporta at pagmamahal kay Cory ay nagbunsod ng panawagan upang tumakbo si Noynoy sa pagka pangulo kahit wala ito sa kanyang mga plano. Tanging ang dakilang Panginoon lamang na may pagmamahal sa bayang binalot ng kadiliman at ginapos ng tanikala ng korupsyon ang may ganitong kapangyarihan.

2. Kinakatawan ni Noy ang pag-asa- Taun-taon bago ang kandidatura ni Noynoy nasanay tayo na ang pipiliin lamang natin bilang Pangulo ay yung “lesser evil” o pinaka hindi masama sa mga masasama, walang ni isa man ang nakakakitaan natin ng pag-asa. Lahat ng ito ay nagbago nang harapin ni Noynoy ang panawagang Pagsilbihan ang Sambayanang Pilipino na siya ring pinag-alayan ng buhay ni Ninoy. Nabuhay ang pag-asa sa mga puso ng bawat Pilipino nang idineklara niya ng pagtakbo bilang pangulo. Sabi ng isang taga Bureau of Customs matapos malaman ang pagtakbo ni Noy “Salamat. Pwede na ulit mangarap.”

3.Matapat si Noy- Sinabi sa telebisyon ng ate ni Noy na si Ballsy Aquino-Cruz na handa siyang magpabaril kung mayroong makakapaglabas ng mga ebidensya na nagnanakaw ang kapatid. Ganoon ang kanyang pananampalataya sa pagiging matuwid ng kapatid. At walang pamilya o kamag-anak ng ibang nagnanais na maging pangulo sa 2010 ang makapagsasabi nito. Lumaki si Noy ng matapat dahil ito matapat ding nabuhay ang kanyang mga magulang. Tunay ngang ang bunga ay hindi babagsak ng malayo sa puno nito.

4. May integridad at maganda ang reputasyon ni Noy- hindi natin kailangan ng pangulo na maglalagay ng karatula sa Malakanyang na nagsasabing “Business as Usual o Tuloy Lang ang Lahat”. Siya lang ang kapanipaniwala sa lahat ng kandidato kapag sinabi niyang itutuwid ko ang mga baluktot dahil ako’y matuwid.

5. Mapagkumbaba at hindi ganid sa Kapangyarihan si Noy-Ang lahat kay Noy ay totoo. Walang palabas, walang pakitang tao. Naamoy at nahahalata ng kahit simpleng tao ang mga pagkukunwari at mga pakitang tao ng mga pulitiko at kandidato. Ngunit ang nakikita natin kay Noy imahe ng isang simpleng tao, kahit na nanggaling sa prominente at makapangyarihang angkan ay nanatiling di makasarili at di ganid sa kapangyarihan at yaman. Hindi malaking bagay kay Noy ang pagnipis ng kanyang buhok, simpleng pananamit at pananalita. Lalo niya pang pinatunayan ang kababaang loob nang humingi siya ng patnubay sa Diyos bago nagdesisyong tumakbo bilang pangulo.

Kitang-kita na totoo ang pag-aatubili niya sa pagkandidato noong una. Naniniwala kami na dapat ipagkaloob ang kapangyarihan sa taong may integridad at matuwid dahil hindi kailanman siya mahuhumaling dito. At oo G. Gary Olivar, tagapagsalita ng Malakanyang, si Noy ay may sariling pagkakakilanlan at pagkatao dahil ang tunay at malinis na pagkatao ay nagmumula lamang sa kababaang-loob.

6. Si Noy lamang ang makakapagpakilos sa taumbayan- walang ibang kandidato sa pagka-pangulo ang maaring humiling sa Sambayanang Pilipino na tustusan at magkusang-loob sa pagtulong sa kanyang kandidatura. Sa ating bansa na kung saan talamak ang pulitika ng pagtangkilik (paggamit ng yaman ng bansa upang makakuha ng boto) at gumagasta ng bilyong piso ang mga nagnanais maging pangulo, si Noy lamang (habang sinusulat ito) ang kandidato na inuulan at binabaha ng boluntaryong suporta ng mga ordinaryong Pilipino mula sa lahat ng sulok ng bansa. Si Noy ang kabaligtaran ng mga pulitiko na nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan kapalit ng boto-dahil kaya niyang humingi ng oras, tulong at rekurso sa sambayanan.

7. Si Noy ang mabuti sa labang ng masama at mabuti- wala nang nakatanggap ng mas marami, kaliwa’t kanang pambabatikos mula sa administrasyon, sa lahat ng kakandidato bilang pangulo kundi si Noynoy.

Ang totoo, may ilang partido na nagsasabing ang halalan sa 2010 ay hindi laban ng masama at mabuti. Nais nilang isantabi ang moralidad ng eleksyon dahil ang matuwid na pamumuno sa gobyerno ay hindi aayon sa kanilang mga pambatong atat sa kapangyarihan at trapo- silang mga “lumang tugtugin”.

Tama ang sinabi ni Earl Spencer na “ang tunay na kabutihan ay magsisilbing babala sa mga taong ang moralidad ay nasa kabilang dulo. sa laban ng mabuti at masama, si Noy ang may kredibilidad na kumatawan sa mabuti.

Sa kanyang pahayag ng pagkandidato, isinantabi ni Noy ang pulitika o ang posibleng kabawasan sa boto nang sinabi niyang hangad niya ang hustisya para sa mga biktima ng mga Marcos. Ito ay nagpapakita ng tunay ng kabutihang loob, dahil ito ay paninidigan para sa kung ano ang tama maging ano man ang kahihinatnan at kapalit.

Mabuhay ka Noynoy!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!