Sunday, September 27, 2009


The rain just kept pouring, without letup, without mercy. It rained like it never did before. My Tatay, who is all of 84 years old, could not remember any other time in his life when it rained like this before. It simply was unprecedented.

Thus, when we woke up Saturday morning, the flood water was already creeping up the ground floor of our house. When this house was built in 1976 to replace the old one, my parents made sure that the ground would be higher than road-level. When they raised the road some years back, it was still fairly within the same level. However, when the non-stop rain came, both the road and our house were not ready for the amount of rainfall that came.

In a way, we were still lucky. The water subsided after a few hours. In other areas, waters were as high as 10 feet. People were trapped on attics and rooftops. Yes, we were, and still are, inconvenienced with the power outage. But who are we to complain? We are dry and well in our own homes. Others are not so lucky, still waiting to be rescued from rooftops amidst what had become a waterworld.

We can only thank God for sparing our homes from further damage, and for making sure that all family members are safe and sound. We continue to pray for those who were not as fortunate.

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