Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pateros Red Eggs Go Chic

It was a pleasant surprise to find our Itlog na Pula, or Itlog na Maalat on the news today. And in a big way,

The local business community has been abuzz lately about the lavish dinners that will be simultaneously hosted by nine prominent families of the country for the visiting dignitaries attending the ADB meeting in Manila from May 2 to 5. And what has our little red egg got to do with it? It will figure in at least three of the nine sumptuous food spreads ever to grace Filipino tables in a long time.

The menu for the feast at Taipan George Ty of Metrobank specifically list Pateros Salted Duck Egg as part of the ensemble of regional specialties that will bring VIP guests to a veritable food trip around the Philippines in one evening.

Doris Magsaysay-Ho's sit-down dinner will feature an organic salad of fresh pako leaves with itlog na maalat from Pateros with Palawan honey dressing. It will be a PPP (Pako, Pateros Red`Egg and Palawan Honey) fit for a light banter on another PPP (Private and Public Sector Partnership) that will surely be a topic on the table.

Sandy Prieto-Romualdez of the Philippine Daily Inquirer will host a Filipino Barrio Fiesta in her home, complete with a Bahay Kubo for a dessert bar. And what would be a Filipino dessert without freshly cooked Bibingkang Galapong topped by Itlog na Maalat? Foreign guests will go home with memories of steaming creamy rice cakes with the contrasting but delectable combination of butter, grated coconut and salted eggs.

Hopefully, our Itlog na Maalat will find its way to the other six dinner spreads tonight. Too bad they did not consider serving the more famous delicacy of Pateros - the Balut. It would have been a most unforgettable evening for our foreign guests had they done so.

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