Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hindi ka Nag-iisa


Bing said...

Hello Dennis! My name is Bing at laking Pateros din ako, pero hindi taal na tubong Pateros. I've been living in Pasig for a very long time now- pero walking distance lang kami ngayon sa Pateros-since San Joaquin na lang kasi, moving from Maybunga. Anyway, classmate ko si Elmer Nocheseda sa Rizal High School, at classmate ko rin si Larry Teylan, yung may-ari ng orginal alfombra and alformbra supplies, if this info helps. Anyway ulit, my daughter (a history major in UP) needs some info on the major industries of Pateros. Thesis yata ang paper na yun but she needs some materials and, people to interview to complete her work. She knows that hailing from Pateros when i was young, I can point her to people who can be her reference/s. May you be of help to her? If ever, how can she contact you? Hoping for your favorable response.

Dennis said...

Hello Bing,

If you can give me your or her email address, I can get in touch.


Bing said...

Thanks for responding, Dennis! Where in Pateros do you live? Sta. Ana-kaliwa kami dati.

my portable email,
my daughter's,

Her name is Hannalee, by the way.

Oh, in browsing, I found you're also from batch 1981 of RHS? I'm from section 1, Elvira Lumberio Hernando- and fellow Pateros'ians that I know 'til now are the following: (from different sections) Elmer Nocheseda, now married to Naomi Sotto, Noelee Tuazon, Ruben Palabasan, Divina Capco & Genaro Raymundo.